Psilocybe aucklandii
  • Restricted to New Zealand, near Auckland
  • Contains psilocybin and psilocin, Potency unknown
  • Grows directly from clay-rich soil among Pine trees

Psilocybe aucklandii is a species only known from New Zealand, specifically the areas around Auckland, from where it gained its name. It is rarely found outside the Riverhead Forest and Wood Hill State Parks. It has a relatively strict preference for clay soils in pine forests, where it grows in groups or bundles of five to twenty mushrooms, directly from the clay.

These mushrooms are known to contain both psilocybin and psilocin, and readily stain blue when handled or damage. They are said to have a floury scent and flavour, though their potency is currently undefined. P. aucklandii are usually characterized by their conic or flat cap that often has a broad umbo. It is chestnut to dark brown and may have dark blue-green blotches with age; the caps are sticky or slippery when wet due to their removable jelly-like pellicle.

One of their few defining features is their brown, slender stipe that is frequently covered in whitish powder or hairs, especially near the base. Little is known about this species specifically, other than its highly restricted range and its basic features.

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