Are Psilocybin mushrooms addictive? Can I take them every day?

Not really. It’s more difficult to become psychologically “addicted” to psilocybin, and it’s unlikely you’ll feel the need to take psilocybin mushrooms – whether a microdose or a macrodose – daily.

Due to the way that psilocybin impacts the chemical pathways in your head, a large tolerance is created after each experience. Long after the psychedelic effects subside, 10-14 days is required to entirely eliminate this tolerance and retain baseline. A dosage increase of nearly 300% is required for a next-day experience, which will likely be less impactful than the previous.

However, there is a growing number of individuals who take “sub-threshold” doses, multiple times a week, known as micro-dosing. This self-applied therapy is usually strictly controlled and used for things like creativity to treating anxiety.

Meanwhile, non-psilocybin or “functional” mushrooms are often used on a daily basis to build up a tolerance in your system and achieve full effects.