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Magic truffles give you psychedelic experiences filled with visuals, relaxation, creative and pensive thoughts



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6 reviews for Wholecelium

  1. Jake Dyson

    Very good product. You have to get lucky I suppose, people know the risks but somehow blame the company.

  2. soft_barracuda

    Ordered a grow kit from them, nothing grew for 7 weeks, after that it started to get contaminated. When i contacted them they didn’t reply for like 9 days.. it was my first time growing and i was really anxious. When i first messaged them they just asked me if i followed the instructions, to which i said yes, then the next few replies from them was asking the same questions, what instructions did i follow if it was for the correct kit.. i mean i have brain cells i made sure i follow the right instruction. not helpful, nothing grew from the kit, don’t seem to care or reply in a timely manner. WHilst they were replying my kit got contaminated to the point of no return, wasted time and money. I will not be ordering from the again, as it is very suspicious nothing grew from the kit. i was growing it in summer

  3. WallaWallaBingbang

    I’ve been trying to contact Wholecelium for over a week now about my order as I have had no notifications of shipping. They have received my money and I’m very scared that they have just taken it. Be careful guys, I’m not %100 yet as they may still reply, but I’m pretty sure these guys are thieves.

    • Roderick

      I’m sorry to hear that, but thank you for your feedback!

      Keep in mind that operations may be delayed due to service interruptions and holidays.

      Please update if anything changes. Best of luck

  4. Durbish the HuMensch

    Ordered twice from Wholecelium and both times they came through with some potent truffles. They have the best prices, deals and quality than any other Dutch supplier I’ve ever dealt with and their grow kits are legit

  5. Durbish the HuMensch

    I’ve ordered a couple times from Wholecelium, they’ve always been amazing in all areas, their truffles are not only high quality with good potency, they are also vastly cheaper than pretty much any Dutch supplier I have dealt with or have seen. Discretely shipped in vacuumed sealed packs via Swiss courier post, I’ve always had my orders arrive with tracking and no hassles, the only downside I’ve experienced with them is their processing payments from International orders, IBAN transfers are expensive and you gotta tell your bank the whole “who, what and don’t ask why” routine, Bitcoin is nice but I’m not gonna use Bitcoin on a 150$ purchase, like seriously … other than that Wholecelium is the place to go for truffles and amazing grow kits that are ready to go and actually do work (i can verify that)

  6. bora

    I got 3 maybe 4 reply like this after each request even though i provided screenshot with everything they need from transictions, fee rate confirmations number even outputs and for sure tx/ID still i get this message

    Thanks for letting us know.
    Can you please confirm the exact bitcoin amount you sent less the mining fee or the txID/hash?
    You can also send a screenshot so that I can easily locate it

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