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(9 customer reviews)

At SUPERFUNGUY, our goal is to bring you the highest quality magic mushrooms at the lowest price possible.



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9 reviews for SuperFunGuy

  1. Uknown

    man i remember when you guys had $400-600 pounds and you guys were the shit but now over $700 is just like any other site now a days 5/5 before they started taxing expectantly since they expanded the growth amount. this site a 5/10 now

  2. Durbish the HuMensch

    i’ve ordered several times from this seller and have always received amazing service and product, which makes writing this review difficult. This newest time has been a TOTAL HASSLE.
    not sure what happened but i used e-transfer to send my money, i’ve used this method before with them so i used the usual info saved on my bank account. 10 mins later i get an email saying that it failed to go through, seems they added a G to their email?? (why change that info?) so after emailing back n forth i find out the “right” info and resend the e-transfer with that new info. Seems my bank had no problem sending the money the 2nd time, that was friday, I waited all weekend to finally get an email today saying they did not get my payment!! by now it’s too late to attempt to cancel said e-transfer and my money went god know where? sfglogistics@protonmail.com thats where i sent my e-transfer to
    *BEWARE if you use e-transfer with this place, not sure what’s going on exactly.
    you’d think with a multiple repeat customer you’d at least try to assume some responsibility, i mean i did use their info (i got screen shots LoL)

  3. Brad

    I had a bad buy but they had excellent customer service and went above and beyond to make things right , I take back my first bad review

  4. Dontada

    Not happy with the service. I paid for express and took a lot longer. I will never order again from these guys. I will take my $400 a month less where

  5. Bradley Melnick

    Terrible , total scam. Got chocolates at 1.5 g took a couple they did nothing , also tried their extract which they claim is equivalent to 14g of dried shrooms but its more like 1g of dried shroom, will not be buying from them again

  6. Anon

    Moonlander caps are absolute fire. The formula provides more uplift in the mind with chill in the body. All products I’ve sampled from SuperFunGuy have been satisfying, I take about once a week on Sunday for my own personal church.

  7. Mike D

    Awesome, and fast service. I ordered some Penis Envy and they look pretty dam Potent! Super excited to try the..Thanks Superfunguy!

  8. Dale

    What sets these guys apart is their service. Don’t get me wrong, their product selection is great, the quality is awesome (I’ve tried Moonlanders, gummies, transkeis, and Mycro), pricing is competitive… but just dealing with a company that is professional, responsive, and willing to go that extra mile to please the customer is so, so, so refreshing. I’ve dealt with a ton of idiot MoMs who don’t know the first thing about running a business – and most of those guys ain’t gonna be around much longer. SUPERFUNGUY will be around, and we’re all better because of it.

  9. Durbish

    Best place by-far! It was super easy to order and payment process was a breeze, their customer support answered my questions with good response time and the shipping was fast, even considering the covid-19 shutdowns taking place. The thing that impressed me the most was the quality and the PRICES. SuperFunGuy had the most realistic prices, I’m used to the 80-120$ an Oz price range, I know inflation is a fact of life but there are sites out there charging 350$+ an Oz, which is just plain highway robbery in my book. Keep your hard earned dosh and spend with SFG!
    I gotta say it, the Transkei’s… WOW! absolutely WOW!

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