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Shroom World

(10 customer reviews)

Shroom World offers mail order Magic Mushrooms in Canada. Our Psilocybin mushrooms are 100% organic. We offer mushrooms of the Psilocybe Cubensis variety, they are offered whole, in edibles or capsules.



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10 reviews for Shroom World

  1. TRBB-TriRegionBestBuds

    Been fine last time I tried it..

  2. TRBB

    Good and bad experiences. Not horrid product by my expectations. Tri Region Best Buds.

  3. anonymous

    i have had all good experiences with this site.. they always fill my order and some times i get more than what i paid for, the one time i had something go wrong with my order they made sure i was happy. they sent me a care package for my troubles, i 100% recommend them to any one

  4. Matt

    Ordered first time, package came but nothing in it. Customer service went dark? Maybe I should report them to Better business bureau if they were even a legitimate company. One bad apple experience can ruin the batch, I plan to spread the word and blog about Shroom world experience and negligence for any type of recourse for handling missing packages.

  5. Knife

    First order was flawless second order was 6gs short tried contacting them numerous times with no response seems abit shady to me

  6. Nate

    I’ve ordered from them probably about 5 times and the first 4 were great. This most recent time, they took my money and didn’t send me anything. I’ve tried to contact them in a few different ways on three separate occasions, but didn’t get a response. I’m out a lot of money and 2 oz of shrooms.

  7. Rusty

    Took my money and didn’t receive product. Ordered 2 lots; 1 ounce and another lot was a mixture. Did the e transfer like they asked, they accepted 1 of them 3 days later for $130 and never sent me an email with shipping confirmation…that was 3 weeks ago. Contacted customer service 3 separate times with no response. Finally they asked what name the order was in….I cancelled the other e transfer. Still waiting for my shrooms. Been 3 weeks…DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! SCAMMERS!

  8. mike

    Not the best quality shrooms. They also could be dried better. Dissapointed for sure. Specially when it’s $50 for 3.5 of penis envy. Definitely won’t be ordering again.

  9. Josh

    I’ve ordered multiple times. Orders are processed quickly and shipments are fast too.

  10. Scammed

    I placed a $240 order a month ago and have not received any confirmation of the receipt of the etransfer I sent or any type of communication that my order is being processed/delivered. I have tried to contact the owner through the website on numerous occasions and through other platforms like Instagram with zero response. This site is a very elaborate, legitimate looking scam. Is Gordon Bennett even your real name? I’m leaving this review so that no one else becomes a victim of this con artist.

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