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Champignons Magique

(3 customer reviews)

At Champignons Magique we care deeply about cultivating superb customer relationships, and outstanding mushroom products for all of Canada.


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3 reviews for Champignons Magique

  1. Mike Durkee

    I have ordered from these fine group of people many times now and I have yet to be disappointed! I’ve tried multiple strains and they have all been fantastic. If you are thinking of trying them out I promise you won’t be disappointed! Without a doubt the best place to order your product. 100%. These guys know how to grow some beautiful mush!

  2. Jackson

    Finally built up the courage and placed an order with Champignons Magique after seeing the how to cultivate mushrooms videos showing their growing space (its literally like a laboratory). Convinced me that these guys are experienced mycologists and it shows in the product quality. I haven’t tried the Golden Emperors I got yet but they look amazing.

  3. Tom

    I have tried several vendors listed on the Psillow marketplace and Champignons Magique was unequivocally the best for both customer service and product quality. I ordered albino penis envy after watching a video review for it on their website and WOW! absolutely beautiful mushrooms that were the most potent APE’s I have ever tried! I took 1.5 grams and it slapped the shit out of me (in a good way). Highly recommend this vendor.

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