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Blue Buddha

(4 customer reviews)

Our shrooms are of the highest quality. We carry many strains such as Golden Teacher, APE albino penis envy, penis envy, penis envy uncut, Koh Samui, pink buffalo, mazatapec and much more strains to come!



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4 reviews for Blue Buddha

  1. Alex

    Can’t say anything bad! When I placed my order there was a weird issue with the post (not their fault at all) and they were very fast to respond and answer my questions. Took less then a week to receive my package. They also included a gram of weed for my trouble which is also very kind!

  2. Amy quan

    ordered 3 times now from these fine young ladies! Still waiting on the penis envy, but the Mazatapec and pink buffalo were extremely good!

    The cannabis was also was surprisingly great as I have ordered from other MOM shops and the quality was subpar. I love the fact of these ladies have put together a all in one shop. I will be trying out their magic red vanilla tea and maybe shatter Next! Hehe =]

    Amy Q

  3. Margaret Sutherland

    Thanks to this site my husband and I found the ladies at BlueBuddha. The quality was excellent and the customer service was very pleasant. We had many question since hubby and I have not indulge since 1988, the ladies were very honest and answered all of our questions professionally and were extremely kind.

    The experience brought back so many wonderful memories and the feeling was blissful!

    Thank you Psillow, Lisa and Lilly at BlueBuddha.

  4. Trevor Mack

    I’ve had the change try medicine from this vendor and it’s 5 stars! Very uplifting! They have my approval

    Trevor M

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