From early ideas,

to full-scale business transitions,

we understand the emerging psychedelic space

Ideas and Motivation

Do you want to enter the psychedelic space?

Do you have an idea that might revolutionize the domain?

Are you looking to explore the possibilities of psychedelics?

 Let us answer your questions and guide your exploration

Business and Stakeholders

Do you want to expand your business to include psychedelics?

Are you seeking passionate individuals to materialize your visions?

Do you need more information on this emerging space?

We guide your business decisions and assist in corporate transitions

[Psillow] asked great questions, went above and beyond the guidelines that I laid out, thought critically about what would make my project the most successful, and was able to track down experts in the field and arrange conversations with them. I am impressed and will gladly work with [Psillow] in the future.

[Psillow] are smart, fast, and easy to work with. I will be working with them in 2020 I’m sure.

It was great working with [Psillow] – they were quick, understood the problem I was trying to solve and had great communication.


The Scientist

Over a decade of research into biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology. Designing GMP production systems, elaborating the physical effects of psychedelics, and creating SEO educational content.

“No question is left unanswered”

The Activist

Cannabis aficionado and an integral member of the marijuana community in Canada. Collaboration, project management, and social media playmaker. Extensive governmental experience and prepared to further your cause.

“Tell me more!” 

The Network

Two decades will make a lot of connections. We have a legion of individuals and contributors that can expand and build your idea or business. Leverage our network to further your passion.

“I have an opportunity for you”

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