Champignons Magique

Champignons Magique is dedicated to offering Canadians a source to purchase high quality Psilocybin products online. Our laboratory & packaging facility is located just outside of Montreal, Quebec.

We believe everyone has the right to explore and expand their consciousness in a safe beneficial way, and that every Canadian has the constitutional right to access necessary medicine of any kind. (Controlled Drug & Substances act, Section 56(1), states that the Health Minister may exempt substances from illegality if necessary for medical or scientific purposes).

We grow all of our mushrooms in 100% organic substrates, and package our micro-doses in vegetarian capsules. We take extreme care and attention to detail throughout our process. Our growing environment is a pharmaceutical grade laboratory with air intakes filtered through HEPA filters, multi-pass substrate sterilization techniques, and rigorous cleanliness protocols. We take the utmost care to ensure you are nothing less than ecstatic with our products and service


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