At Champignons Magique we care deeply about cultivating superb customer relationships, and outstanding mushroom products for all of Canada.

The passion that has guided us to create optimal growing environments for a variety of distinctive, potent mushroom strains is a direct result of our own Psilocybin experiences.

We firmly believe in the sovereign right of the individual to alter consciousness in a safe, psychologically beneficial way.

1 review for Champignons Magique Psilocybin Products

  1. Tom

    I have tried several vendors listed on the Psillow marketplace and Champignons Magique was unequivocally the best for both customer service and product quality. I ordered albino penis envy after watching a video review for it on their website and WOW! absolutely beautiful mushrooms that were the most potent APE’s I have ever tried! I took 1.5 grams and it slapped the shit out of me (in a good way). Highly recommend this vendor.

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