Psilocybin in 2019

psilocybin in 2019

So far, 2019 has been a dynamic ride for psilocybin: decriminalization in Denver and Oakland has primed democratic efforts, Chicago confused the masses with a premature announcement, the founding of psychedelic research centers in the UK and America have ignited scientific interest, investors seem ready to fund the next wave of psychedelic acceptance and normalization, and even climate activists are advocating for psychedelic protests.

I have a tentative belief that this may be a revolution of understanding that has the power to adjust public opinion and legislation at large. These substances that grow from the natural earth have no reason to be dictated by non-natural law. We as a community have the onus to keep the momentum behind us in all regards; by voting, donating, pontificating and speaking, ensure your voice is heard in the battle for psilocybin acceptance.

Recent Psilocybin Talking Points

As a guide to your psilocybin discussions, here are a few advances that have been made in the field in the last few months:

Psilocybin Deep Dive

For a deeper dive into the context and scope of psilocybin, consider reading these thought-provoking articles:

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