How to Make Psilocybin Mushroom Tea

by Dec 25, 2019

If you’ve ever eaten psilocybin mushrooms, you know that they taste awful. Turn those dried mushrooms into a nice psilocybin tea.

If you’ve ever eaten psilocybin mushrooms, you know that they taste awful. It may be hard for some people to even swallow them because their gag reflex kicks in. But there is another alternative to chewing up and choking down those nasty tasting little fungi – turning those dried mushrooms into a nice psilocybin tea. It’s quite easy to make and has a few added benefits.

Ingredients for psilocybin mushroom tea

There are only two main ingredients to this psilocybin tea recipe, plus a few items necessary for the process:

  • Chopped or crushed psilocybin mushrooms of any variety (Read reviews on our Marketplace)
  • Water Strainer
  • Mug
  • Kettle
  • Teapot
  • Optional ingredients you can add for a bit of flavour. This can be your favourite type of tea, some honey, a bit of orange juice, or even a sprinkle of sugar for sweetness. You may even prefer a savoury stock, like chicken or beef, that completely hides the mushroom flavour.

Important note: Adding lemon, orange, or citrus to psilocybin mushroom tea adds more than just flavour. These acidic ingredients can begin psilocybin metabolism in your cup, even before the first sip. It can cause a much faster and stronger psilocybin experience. Use caution!

Directions for making psilocybin mushroom tea

  1. Preparation

    You’ll need at least 1 cup of water for every 5 grams of mushrooms, but as little as 1 gram per cup can be used depending on your preferred dose. You’ll also need one cup of water for each person, so measure it all out carefully before you begin. Then pour the water into the kettle and heat it to boiling.

  2. Mushrooms

    Chop or crush the mushrooms. Place them into the teapot.

  3. Boil and steep

    When the water has boiled, pour it over the mushrooms in the teapot. Let them sit for about 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

  4. Strain, serve and customize

    Pour the tea into the mugs, using the strainer to keep the mushroom chunks from falling out. Add tea bags or other optional ingredients at this time. Then drink the mushroom tea.

  5. Another round

    Put all the mushrooms that you’ve strained back into the teapot and the same amount of boiling water over them again. Wait another 10-15 minutes for the new batch to brew, then pour it into the mugs. Add your optional ingredients and drink the second infusion.

The Benefits of Making Psilocybin Mushroom Tea

Once you know how to make psilocybin tea, you may want to try it out right away. But along with the tastier flavor, there are other benefits that make this process extra worthwhile. First, the side effects kick in much quicker when drinking the psilocybin than when you eat the mushrooms. You may even start to feel them by the time the first cup is finished.

Of course, if you are inexperienced, you may want to drink just one cup at first, until you know how you’ll handle the effects. At the very least, be sure you’re in a comfortable place with someone you trust who can take care of you if you start to freak out a bit.

Another benefit of drinking psilocybin mushroom tea is that many people don’t experience the same amount of stomach upset as they do when they eat the dried mushrooms. This is because it is a much gentler form of psilocybin, plus the liquid form won’t stay in your stomach as long as the mushrooms themselves would.

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  1. How do we get the mushrooms

  2. Hi my name’s zack I recently accidentally did 4 microdrop 2000ug tabs let me tell you i was high for 3 1/2 days will shrooms do aaaannnything after that experience

  3. What are your thoughts on using a french coffee press?

    • One of the best options, really.

      It also allows for the addition of whole lemon slices or ginger. It’s a great choice!

  4. I seem to have a tolerance issue.In the last couple of months I’ve tried doing ‘shrooms 3 times, (dried raw, capsules,(Burmese) and tea) all with little or no affect. I’ve weighed each time (2 to 3.5 g). I’m a 73 year old male with various experiences over the last 50 years but haven’t done any ‘shrooms for about 40 years or so. I do weed,(and edibles) and have had smoking highs that were profound, to say the least so i know that i can get high but i’m mystified and disappointed that the mushrooms are not getting me off. Any suggestions ? I’m going to try some more dried and add some lemon next time so i’m really hoping that it will work the next time.

    • Hello Dan!

      Sorry to hear about those recent disappointments! That dosage weight is definitely in the correct range for a moderate experience, however that comes with some caveats:

      1) Potency can vary wildly, so you might have been very unlucky 3 times in a row
      2) Anti-depressants, serotonergic drugs, and other medications can have an impact on how your body metabolizes psilocybin. Even higher doses might be fruitless under some conditions

      Lemon is definitely a great way to potentiate a psilocybin experience. However, it can be quite unpredictable, especially if you’re increasing your dose alongside. Consider mixing your dried mushrooms with lemon juice and leaving to sit 5-10, stirring once or twice. At this point, you can shoot and chew, or you can mix with apple sauce for a slightly more pleasant experience.

      Consider consuming only half of the mushroom-lemon mixture and waiting ~40-60 minutes. If you’re not where you want to be by then, you can follow with the remaining half.

      Best of luck!

      • Thank you for responding to my question. The only medications i take are for blood pressure and colestrol. Would either of those inhibit the absorbsion process ? My previous attempts were from 2 diferent batches of mushrooms so it’s odd that both batches would be bad but nevertheless possible. Do you have any thoughts about the capsules of Burmeese powder that i have ? Yes, i will use the lemon tek method for my next venture. Thank you again for your valuable information.

        • Definitely try taking them after like a 12-18hr fast, that way your body will be able to absorb them much more easily.

      • Rod, I’m a bit younger (55) and can tell you the best way I’ve come a crossed is this. Take 2+ grams of shrooms, grind them up (a weed grinder works great). Add shrooms to a cup of orange juice for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drink and you’ll feel it hit you within 20-40 minutes max…
        Think you’ll be happy with the results.

    • Medications like Prozac or Zoloft, that is any of the SSRIs, can interfere with the effects.

  5. I have a clarifying question: After drinking the tea the user does NOT also eat the mushrooms? I’ve always make the tea but the person who taught me instructed me to also eat the mushrooms after drinking the tea.

    • You can if you’d like!

      Most psilocybin will be removed from the mushrooms after making tea. Eating the leftovers is just to be sure you’ve got it all.

      But if you’re making tea to avoid stomach discomfort, I’d avoid the solids

  6. i’m going to do shrooms for the my friend tomorrow and it would be our first time. if i get 5gs, and we split it, would that be a lot? how much do you recommend to make? we want to feel it but not have a bad experience

  7. About to do mush for the first time in 20 years with my wife of 2 years, put 9 g in the pot? How’s that?

    • That’s a lot for two people! I’m assuming these were dried mushrooms, and not fresh.

      Consider dividing that pot into 4 portions, equalling a little over 2g mushrooms each. You can save the other half of the pot for 1-2 hours in, if you’re not feel the effects you want.

      Any leftover tea can be stored in the fridge for a few days, or frozen for longer-term storage.

      Have fun!

  8. I cooked some tea one night ago, only made one batch and I’m just wondering how many boils can be done before the effects won’t even hit me. I strained the shrooms out and boiled again, then ate them

    • Most of the psilocybin is removed on the first boil, the second is more of just a boost.

      Remember: After a trip with psilocybin or LSD, there is a tolerance that develops to these substances. It usually takes 10-14 days to return to baseline. Therefore, a “next day trip” that doesn’t match or exceed the first-day dose is probably going to be very underwhelming.

      We suggest waiting at least two weeks between psilocybin experiences. It appears that the tolerance from LSD lasts even longer (but that’s mainly anecdotal).

  9. I have 2.4 grams of gold caps, would it be enough for three people who smoke and trip frequently by adding lemon into

    • Unfortunately, that’s on the low end, even in a lemon tek. That equates to 0.8g each, would be be in a beginner does range.

      However, as you mention you’re all experienced smokers and tripers, this can work to your advantage. Combine that little dose with a lot of smoke, meditate, etc. to maximize the experience. You “know what to look for” in your mind, and you can focus on that to guide the outcome of the trip.

    • I’ve collected about 350 in past week. Dried them out and away to do around 20 with lemon and honey. Not done it in 31 years but trying to micro dose as have mental health problems and paranoia I go back to 1989 when I did many hundred. Any advice? Just swallowed first tea and what’s left renewing with lemon again. Havent got scales so cannot measure. Just being cautious. Respect all

  10. Hey there! Haven’t done shrooms in roughly 2 years and some change. I have a bag with about 2.7 gs left, and its been sitting for about a year. My questions are these.

    1. You think i’ll still be okay as far as mold is concerned? these were dried when i bought them.
    2. Would you suggest buying empty tea bags or something similar to help with the ease of steeping the tea?
    3. would the full 2.7 gs be enough to give me a decent trip?

    thanks in advance

    • Welcome back to the mushroom world!

      Some mushroom samples have retained their potency after decades! As long as they’ve been dry and kept out of sunlight and high heat, they should be good!

      Dangerous amounts of mold would be visible, so as long as they’re not green or fuzzy, they’re probably fine.

      Tea bags make things easy. You can also consider a small strainer, a tea ball, or even passing it through a coffee filter when you’re done. Some tea pots have enough of a strainer built-in to remove the large chunks.

      And 2.7g is well into the intermediate dosing range. Definitely not suggested for a green beginner, but for someone with experience, it’s a perfect dose!

      Have fun!

  11. i crushed up some dry psilocybe cubensis into a mug and microwaved some water in another mug for about 2 minutes and poured it over the dry mushrooms and am letting it sit. color isnt changing at all am I doing something wrong?

    • Mushrooms don’t contain many pigments, so a drastic colour change isn’t expected like tea.

      As long as the water was boiling, or near boiling, it should be doing the job.

      Smaller mushroom chunks, or grinding them, speeds up the process. Some stirring can also help.

  12. About people don’t experience the same amount of stomach upset because “much gentler form of psilocybin”. This doesn’t make any sense. There is no “harsh” or “gentle” form of psilocybin which btw is not the one that gets you high. That would be psilocin which is metabolized from psilocybin.

    About nausea, that is caused by two things:

    1. Motion sickness. This happens when the visuals start and the brain interprets them as invalid signals and “thinks” it has been poisoned. The nausea starts and if severe, vomiting. Use dramamine at this phase.

    2. Mushrooms cannot be digested by humans, regardless of the form taken, because of chitin. That’s why we have to cook them. For this, you can use weed (a little) to reduce the nausea. And/or ginger and papaya enzyme. Or make tea as your article explains.

    About tea, don’t use boiling water. Boil it but let it cool for 5 min or so. While the psilocybin has a melting point of 428F and psilocin 343F, the breakdown starts sooner.

    • Thanks for the reply! To clarify a few points:

      – It should read “gentler form of psilocybin delivery”, thanks for pointing that out!
      – While psilocin is the compound that is psychoactive, psilocybin is the compound that is consumed and remains in the stomach. Psilocin is produced after the first pass through the liver.
      – Nausea attributed to magic mushrooms has not been fully elucidated, however the two reasons you mention here are likely to be significant contributors. The primary cause, early after consumption, would be attributed to chitin as you mention. However, chitin only comprises about 2-7% of dry weight, with the remaining compounds able to be digested by humans.
      – Finally, boiling water is 100% okay. There is currently no evidence to suggest that psilocybin degrades at 100C (212F), at least in the timeframes suggested in this recipe. There is minimal data to suggest that potency is retained even at higher temperatures. However, data is sorely lacking in this regard

      • Roderick,

        About chitin being 2-7% of dry weight. Chitin is found in the cellular membrane only so it is not going to be a significant percentage of the dry weight. But it means that most people will not be able to digest it and the body will trigger the immune response. Bottom line is that eating the shrooms raw, fresh or dry, chances are very high that it will be a bad trip and not because of the psilocybin. So in my opinion, lemon tek or tea are really the two good ways of consuming psilocybin from shrooms.

  13. I have a tough question for you that you may or may not have information on. My issue is that I cannot have gluten and a common way to grow mushrooms in on rye grain; therefore I need to extract the psilocybin from the mushrooms without extracting the gluten. My chemist friend helped me look into it and it seems as though water will do this. Here’s my dilemma for you: Would citric acid extract the gluten from the mushrooms? If you have any resources about this, please send them my way.

    • Interesting question!

      As far as I know, mushrooms do not absorb gluten in any form from their substrate. As long as you are not consuming the substrate (which you normally do not when consuming mushrooms) then it shouldn’t be a problem at all. However, if this concerns a gluten allergy, then even trace amounts may be enough to provoke a reaction.

      There are two ways to overcome this:

      1) As your chemist friend mentioned, water is a possible route. Psilocybin is highly soluble in water, while gluten proteins are not. By performing a water extraction (boiling) you are likely to extract the psilocybin, with little gluten. However, as mentioned above, if this concerns an allergy, there may remain some trace gluten in the extract. I doubt citric acid would change the balance significantly.

      2) Grow your own! Many growers, from professional to amateur, use brown rice flour as a substrate (BRF), which is naturally gluten-free. This process is often known as the “PF Tek”. So, you can grow your own using BRF, or you can ask vendors if they grow in this medium.

      Best of luck!

  14. I have never tried mushrooms before so for my first time I ate 1.5 grams raw and there was no effects. So the next time I ate 2 grams and still no effects. The third time I made a tea with 3 grams and added lime juice but still nothing. I know I have a high tolerance for prescription narcotics and cannabis. I thought mushrooms would be an exception and I am very disappointed. Is there something else I could be doing to try to have an experience with mushrooms?

    • You mention raw. Are these fresh mushrooms, or dried? The suggested doses in this article refer to dried psilocybin mushrooms.

      If you are currently on antidepressants or any other serotonergic medications, any psychedelic experience will be greatly blunted.

      Otherwise, you may need to continue in this step-wise fashion of slowly upping dose until it works. Remember that you should leave about 2 weeks between each attempt, to ensure any acquired tolerance is fully gone.

      If you’re not averse to synthetics, you may consider forms of LSD or 4-AcO-DMT. They are similar to psilocybin and may be easier to acquire and digest larger doses.

      Best of luck!

    • If you are taking any SSRI medication, mushrooms and LSD will NOT work!!

      • Actually that’s not true. My husband takes an SSRI and he does trip on mushrooms – but the duration of the trip is probably reduced by about half, I would say. Hard to say about intensity since that varies so much between people anyway but he does very much enjoy himself while tripping!

    • Cleanse yourself of all drugs and alcohol; then try the red pill. If you are regularly on different substances the Matrix might not be available to you. Maintain a clean lifestyle and try 3gs. If you can do that, you’ll have your ticket to mars.

  15. i store it for a day and the smell turns bad? is it still safe?

    • A ‘sniff test’ is usually a gold standard outside of a lab. Your judgement is key here, considering you mention it “smells bad”, you may want to avoid it.

      However, it is a mushroom tea, not always known for their alluring scent. Get a second opinion if you can.

      • do you have to do another round?

        • Nope! Most psilocybin will be extracted during the first round. The second is only to ensure a complete extraction.

  16. I have an extremely high tolerance and heard that adding a citrus flavor ( love the citrus!) might give the tea a little more of a kick .
    Is this just fiction ?
    I’m a high dose case .

  17. When I was a kid we picked our shrooms from local cow pastures early in the morning. Wipe it off on our clothes…eat one and toss one in your bag. You did have to be quick getting in/out of the pastures. I recall getting shot with fatback by the farmer trying to get away! lol That burns! I miss the 80’s…

  18. Is tea a good way for micro-dosing??
    Should one still do a second cup??

    • Yes and no.

      Usually, the potency of the tea is a little too strong for microdosing, unless you’re only consuming a few milliliters. The problem arises with storage: mushroom tea will eventually spoil and/or lose potency; dried mushrooms (especially when encapsulated) can retain potency for years if stored correctly.

      A decent compromise is to make tea, divide into ice-cube trays, and freeze. This preserves the tea and potency, with easy-to-dose servings in any cold drink of choice. Just be sure to keep track of mushroom and water weights while you’re producing your cubes, to ensure accurate dosage of each cube.

      • I just bought an oz of Brazilian shrooms. I haven’t done them in over 30 years. I’m 53 this month. I want to get really high, but be so ewhat functional. What range, in amount of grams should I be considering?

        • Welcome back!

          Age is just a number, if anything you’re better able to handle intense experiences of the mind.

          Assuming dry weight here. And assuming a moderate potency (you won’t know until you try!), it’s better to start small and re-dose after an hour if they’re not hitting right.

          1.5-2.5g is a good moderate dose for beginners. It shouldn’t be overwhelming, but there’s a risk of it not getting you to the right spot.

          2.5-4.5g is a strong dose, even for experienced explorers. There is a chance that this gets out of hand, but you’re much less likely to be underwhelmed.

          5g+ is called a ‘heroic dose’ for a reason. Definitely not advised for your first time after 30 years of down-time.

          • Hi there. So im a bit confused with the cups and grams. I intend on doing 2g for a first trip. But its for 2 people. So 4g total. Do i only boil 2 cups of water on the first extraction?
            And how long should i wait to drink the second round? Or should i just put both extractions on a bigger tea cup and drink it all together? Basically im having 2 cups of tea correct? Hahaha sorry what a mess. Bit confused here. Want to get this right. Thankksss from Europe

          • Thanks for the question Sandra! Sorry for any confusion!

            Here you go:

            1) 4g mushrooms + 2 cups water
            2) Extract and strain the tea. Pour two cups (1 cup each). Enjoy with your companion.
            3) Put the mushroom bits back in the pot. Add 1-2 cups more water.
            4) Extract and strain the tea. Divide between the two of you for a second cup each.

            I advise the second brewing after preparing and serving the first. But you can wait to drink it for 45-60 minutes. If you’re already in a place you want after the first cup, the second extraction can be forgotten about! If you want a little boost after an hour, enjoy the second extraction. Consider adding some sugar, ginger, lemon, or other flavourings to your second cup, for a more enjoyable and calming experience.

        • I’m in the same boat. 57 years old, haven’t tripped since High School and I bought a small bag of dried mushrooms from someone last week. I just moments ago looked into making tea. That seems they way to go. Good luck Bro!

      • Any tips about how long (days?) can the tea be kept on a room temperature before it spoils?

        • Room temperature is probably not the best storage method. This both encourages microbial growth and may further promote degradation of the active compounds (psilocybin). I would treat it as any other tea, in terms of spoilage. Sweeteners or other additives may accelerate the process.

          Ideally, it could safely spend a few days in the fridge, but the fresher the better. For longer storage, consider freezing the tea into ice cubes.

  19. Which is more potent for drinking…using fresh shrooms or grinding up dehydrated shrooms?
    I grew up with purple majesty shrooms in the 80’s. We would pick about a gallon or so, boil them down and then add tropical punch Kool-Aid/sugar.

    • Thanks for the question Michael! You’ve got me craving some Kool-Aid!

      In terms of extraction, I would consider dried mushrooms to be the most effective. Not to mention, dosing is much more precise (no ambiguity from water-weight) with dried product.

      However, if fresh shrooms are all you have on hand, go for it! Tea is an especially efficient way to use any ‘pins’ that might need to be removed alongside a mushroom harvest.

      In general, for fresh mushrooms, you would require about 10x more to match the dose of dried mushrooms. However, hydration of a given fresh mushroom can vary wildly, so caution is advised alongside a suggestion of 5x dose (to start).

      Example: 1.5g dried = 15g fresh (under ‘standard’ conditions)
      For caution’s sake: 1.5g dried = 7.5g fresh (you can always re-dose about ~1hr mark if needed)
      Note: This conversion does NOT apply to truffles.

  20. Is it possible to freeze the tea for later use?

    • Absolutely! Consider an ice-cube tray for easy storage!

  21. When you say- ‘When the water has boiled, pour it over the mushrooms in the teapot. Let them sit for about 10-15 minutes’, is this over heat? Or literally just boiling water in the pot? I have seen people in the past boil them in a pot over heat is there a reason you shouldn’t do this?

    • Our recipe suggests a 10-15 minute steep, off heat. This is often adequate to fulfill a near-complete extraction of the psilocybin, without any heat-induced degradation of psilocybin. This is especially effective if you intend to do a second steep/extraction.

      However, while little actual data demonstrate the stability of psilocybin at high temperatures (100C, the temperature of boiling water), we equally lack evidence to demonstrate significant loss of potency after heating. Considering this, there is no explicit reason not to boil the mushrooms instead of steeping off-heat.

      However, given that a hot water extraction (not boiling) is often adequate, we’ve taken the route of “better safe than sorry” when it comes to potency.

  22. splitting an 8th between two people for tea good for first time?

    • 8th = 3.5g
      So 1.75g each.
      Sounds great! It may not be the most profound experience, but it should be perfectly enjoyable for a first time!

      Have fun!

  23. Is the second brew as potent as the first?

    • Probably not. It’s simply to ensure the complete extraction of psilocybin. An alternative would be to simply consume the mushroom pieces afterward, but this slightly defeats the purpose of using the tea method to reduce nausea or gastrointestinal upset.

      Depending on the many variables that go into a chemical extraction, you may collect anywhere from 50-99% of available mushroom alkaloids (psilocybin, psilocin, etc.) in the first brew alone. This does allow for the possibility, albeit rare, that the second brew may equal the potency of the first, so always proceed with caution.

  24. I’m going to partake in my first psilocybin experience using the tea method, when drinking it should I take my time drinking it or finish it quickly??

    • Considering it’s your first time, I would suggest sipping it over an hour or two. That should prevent an unwanted, overpowering experience.

      Keep in mind that effects can take 30-60 minutes to arise after consumption.

      • I strongly agree with sipping it…you try to man handle it, it can and will handle you; mercilessly!

  25. will the tea every spoil if i leave it in the fridge for another day?

    • Treat it like unsweetened tea, or bouillon. It should be fine for up to 72h in the fridge, but I’m no food scientist! There may be some variation in potency from day to day

  26. I want to brew 2g of dried Golden Teachers. For that is it enough to just brew it once, or do i have to brew it twice?

    • A double brew is just to ensure complete extraction. You can always just eat the leftover shrooms as well.

      The smaller the mushroom chunks are before brewing, the faster and more complete the extraction. A powder is ideal if you’re able to remove it after (coffee filter, fine-mesh sieve, etc.)

  27. I’m gonna do 5 grams for one cup. How much lemon juice should I put in? And should I use 1 or 2 tea bags?

    • Lemon and additional tea is a personal preference.

      About 1 tbsp of fresh lemon is enough to achieve its full capacity for potentiation. And the additional tea is just for your pleasure.

  28. Going to try it first time. 1gram for each friend (3). Can we do this in our own separate mugs? And is it ok to eat the mushroom once the tea is drank?

    • I would suggest making the doses in 1 pot, and separating them after the tea is made. This ensures no one gets a “strong shroom” and another is left with an unimpressive experience.

      The mushrooms can definitely be eaten afterward. You can also consider making another tea with the mushrooms, to ensure everything is extracted. Depending on many factors, those leftover shrooms may remain quite potent, so tread with caution!

  29. If I suspect there may be mold growing on my shrooms and have no access to more, will making tea kill moldy bacteria or make ingestion more dangerous?

    • Honestly, while it’s not suggested, the making of a tea might provide some benefit.

      You may want to bring it to a boil and keep it there for 5-15 minutes. While some potency may be lost, many bacteria may be eliminated in the process.

      Cutting off suspect chunks before brewing the tea is also a good bet if you’re able.

  30. This is great! Thank you! Follow up question – whats the best way to effectively dry shrooms?

  31. How does this differ to a lemon tek?
    I’m wanting to introduce my parents in law to the experience but it should be nice and mild. We’re planning to sit around the table and play board games and have a laugh.
    I’m trying to research up all my options to ensure a pleasant trip. 🙂 So any advice on method and dosage greatly appreciated.

    • Something in lemon (as yet verified) seems to significantly potentiate a psilocybin experience.

      Tea without lemon may enhance absorption, but shouldn’t significantly potentiate the effects.

      Tea is perfect for sipping over an hour or two, to find your ideal buzz. It is often easier on the stomach and can be mixed with flavours of your choosing (honey, ginger, true or herbal teas, animal or vegetable bullion, etc.)

      Best of luck with the relatives! Consider informing yourself on how to ‘hold space’ and guide them if they begin to feel nervous.

  32. Can I use fresh mushrooms?

    • Definitely! However, they’re much more ‘bulky’, so more water (hence more dilute tea) may be required, but they should shrivel down quite quickly.

      Remember, mushrooms are nearly 90% water (however this depends significantly on the many factors). So 1 gram of dried mushrooms might equal nearly 10g of fresh mushrooms.

    • Yes. I have found that is the best method. Instead of cutting up dried mushrooms, I place them while into 4c h2o & cook down til abt half the h2p has evaporated. I then strain the pulp through an old sheet or pillow case. I then brew a pot of family size tea & add 1 1/2 C sugar & 2 tblsp if lemon juice. Then I combine the two. It’s keeps for a week or two in the frig

      • Teri, so youre saying you actually boil yours for awhlie. Ive tried twice making a tea. Both failed. First time almost half a gram ,cold extraction for 2 days, water even turned bluish, felr nothing. Second try, 1.04 grams, steeped in hot coffee machine water for about 2 hrs then put in fridge till next day. Nothing. At best, maybe a little sleepy. So, I guess you would say boil them for awhile, right ?

        • That’s nowhere near enough mushrooms to go on a trip honestly. Try 2.5 grams in one go.

  33. Hi! Is 7g of tea brewed twice enough for 3x people?

    • That’s ~2.3g each, definitely in the ball-park of an ‘average’ dose of dried mushrooms. Have fun!

    • Ooof I doubled the amount of mushrooms and drank it to myself and holly shit I love it thank you for the recipe!

  34. If I put the tea into a tea bag and use it as a traditional tea bag will it still work?

    • Definitely! You’ll want to use boiling water, and leave it at least 15 minutes to steep, ideally with a few stirs and dunks every few minutes.

      In terms of extraction, it might not be as efficient or complete, but it will do the job and be very easy to clean-up.

      Consider steeping the mushrooms again after the first cup, for something to sip along the way.

  35. So we made this recipe this Friday and holy fuck all I can say is buckle up bitchs. I highly recommend not using 5 grams per cup! Although it was a blast when it levelled out.

  36. So you are recommending 5 grams as a serving so I’d need 15 grams for three people?

    • I’ve adjusted the recipe to clarify, thanks for noticing!

      • Usually I take 20-30g truffles when I eat them. Is it possible & makes it sense to get this amount in one cup? So for 3 people 90g in 3 cups?

        • Unless you are used to very low-potency truffles, 20-30 grams is considered a very large dose.

          For sharing with friends, 10-15 grams per person would be considered an average dose for experienced individuals.

          However, your experience with your particular brand/batch/type of truffle should guide your dosing. Remember, mushrooms and truffles can vary in potency up to ten-fold between batches.

          It is better to make a “low potency” tea when sharing, and “top up” your dose with another 5-10 grams (eaten, or in a tea) after 45-60 minutes if you are not experiencing the desired effects.

          • Yes the trips are always very strong but I like it that way. Also with the so to speak stronger truffles (dragons dynamite, high hawaians, hollandia) I am always around 25g. It’s like a week of vacation 😉
            What is your opinion about the following procedure:
            Slice fresh truffles finely, and seal them in a vacuum bag with the amount of a cup of tea. Then in the sousvide bath with exactly 50 degrees C, 20-30min to pull leave. Pour into a cup and add lemon juice. Will this work well? I am afraid to waste my truffles. I just want to try something new, something more pleasant.

          • Awesome input, thanks!

            I find the sous-vide hard to justify, as psilocybin is quite heat-tolerant. However, the vacuum-seal bag may be an interesting choice that’s worth experimenting with. Lemon juice will definitely help both the flavour and potency of the experience.

            If you experiment with sous-vide, be sure to let us know how it went!

      • Tripping balls right now on my golden teachers

        • How many grams did you do? I want to get really high, but still be somewhat in control

    • If I was eating 5 grams of mushroom and if I decided to make tea with them would I use the same amount per 1 cup hot water to have the similar effect. And also I grinding my mushrooms to put in a capsules but find it to hard on the stomach can I use the grinding mushrooms that I used in a capsule to put inside a tea bag instead.

      • Yes and yes!

        Tea is often easier on the stomach, and ground mushrooms ensure a more thorough extraction! The powder can be mixed directly into the water and strained through a coffee filter as well.

  37. What ingredients do I add for the best release of the psilocybin in my tea?

    • Heat, stirring and time! Psilocybin is very soluble in water, so it doesn’t need anything other than some energy (heat, stirring) and the time to finish the process.

      In fact, it’s best to make your additions after the extraction. Some ingredients like fats, proteins or sugars may actually prevent full release of psilocybin from the mushrooms.

  38. Would it be ok if a swallowed the mushrooms whilst drinking the tea?

    • Not a problem! While most people find the texture unappealing, it’s the only way that you’ll be sure to get all the psilocybin. However, a hot-water extraction (i.e. tea) is very effective in removing psilocybin from the mushrooms, so the difference will be minuscule.

      • I made a 4gr in pot of loose-leaf black tea; consumed and enjoyed easily. I left some caps and stems in the teapot overnight and strained them out the next day. Is the tea still consumable? (About 25 oz left) It was not refrigerated immediately, sat at room temp for close to 15 hours. Should I throw it out and make a new batch? I know tea doesnt really spoil, but I don’t know enough about psychs.

        • If the mixture was boiled, and sealed with a lid (or something similar), bacterial growth should have been minimized. If there was sugar or milk added, I wouldn’t take chances.

          I can’t comment on food safety rules, but I wouldn’t consider it significantly different from normal tea. The flavour may be compromised through oxidization, the same can be said for a portion of the psilocybin in the tea. While there is likely to be some loss of potency from this storage, it would be relatively minimal.

          Bringing it to a quick and brief boil might help to minimize bacterial growth without harming the psilocybin significantly. Straining out the solids and refrigeration might get you an extra day or two.

          Ultimately, if you have more mushrooms hanging around, consider making another batch. Otherwise, your judgement and a sniff/sip test are your best bets.

      • Is eating the boiled mushrooms recommended or just an available option?

        • Simply an option. Most of the psilocybin should be removed.

          Eating the mushrooms ensures you get all of it, but may cause stomach upset in susceptible individuals.

    • You will never find a great taste once you try chewing the half-cooked mushrooms. Instead, if you swallow them, it may bother your stomach.

  39. Is it okay that the mushrooms are dried before crushing them to put them in the tea? Or do they have to be fresh out the ground for this to work?

    • Dried mushrooms are preferred! Fresh mushrooms can be used, but they should be chopped instead of crushed; the flavour might also be a little bit different.

  40. Does this affect the duration of the experience? Seeing how they dont stay in your stomach as long, I’d imagine the length of the “trip” would be shortened.

    • It usually does. Consider tea to be “instant release” as opposed to the “extended-release” form of dried mushrooms. The difference is minimized as the mushroom pieces get smaller; powdered mushrooms could be just as ‘fast’ as a tea.

      I find this distinction tends to be more apparent in the speed of onset, as opposed to the duration of the trip. In other words, I wouldn’t reliably turn to tea to decrease the duration of a trip.

    • Where do I get the mushrooms? Or how do I grow?

      • Check out our Marketplace for vendors from around Canada and the World! Psilocybe mushrooms also grow naturally on every continent, but ensure you’re 100% confident about your identification before trying. And there are many great resources to grow: and

      • If I make a gallon of tea how can I store it?

        • I had a friend who froze it and melted it as needed.
          Problem mentioned was that as it settles some of the strength settles at the bottom of the frozen tea and this should be considered when melting.

          • Can 7 grams brewed into a tea get 4 people on a trip? Or will it take 3.5 grams per person in order to feel that intense of a high?

          • That’s 1.75g per person. It’s squarely in the Beginner-Intermediate range.

            This dose is almost sure to do something, however it may not be as intense as you’d like.

            However, it’s a perfect dose to share with friends: other people tend to amplify a trip, and there’s only a very low risk of any adverse feelings or experiences that may arise.

            Have fun!

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