Happy 9/20 from Psillow!

happy 9/20

Happy 9/20 to everyone!

9/20 is the magic mushroom holiday, a day to celebrate psilocybin and the fungi that contain it. Whether it’s mushrooms or truffles, fresh or dry, you’ve never had more of a reason to make today a trip-day, a Friday no less!

If you’re trying mushrooms for the first time, or just want to learn more, see our Magic Mushroom 101 here.

While not everyone may have the privilege to imbibe on this most special of days, you can still make the most of the ‘holiday season.’ This weekend may be one of the last few whispers of summer before we wrap ourselves up for autumn. Wild mushrooms of all kinds, especially psilocybin mushrooms, will be bursting out of the earth in North America and Europe over the coming weeks.

In the same way, now is the time for action when it comes to psilocybin and the laws that prevent it from meaningful application. The last year has seen significant advances for magic mushrooms in science, legislation and public opinion. Canada has seen the opening of their first magic mushroom dispensary, which recently received de facto consent from Vancouver City Council. The country has an election on the horizon (October 21st), with hot topics like recreational and medicinal substances hanging in the balance.

Make today, and the coming weeks, the time to have open discussions about the applications of psilocybin. Narratives of psychosis and addiction have framed the public perception of psychedelics for decades, due to the ongoing War on Drugs. Remind detractors that psilocybin helps everyday individuals overcome tremendous hardship, and that research into the compounds was once promising before government over-reach. Share the power of professionally guided psychedelic psychotherapy and how it can ease the most profound pains that arise from unimaginable struggles. But most of all, seek out and take part in movements and actions that help further acceptance and application of psilocyin.

At Psillow, we’re working hard to change the narrative and empower the experiences of people like you. We’re making big changes – very soon – to provide you with the guidance to confidently apply the transformative power of psilocybin. At the same time, we’ll help you contribute to the greater conversation on magic mushrooms and empower your experiences to help those who seek the answers you can provide.

“So, what we are trying to do is return the focus of attention to individual experience… What we need to do is empower experience”
Terence Mckenna (1989, “A Psychedelic Point of View #378”)

Whether you’re tripping, microdosing or just enjoy the day, don’t be quiet about psilocybin on 9/20. Not only is it a celebration of magic mushrooms and this natural, organic and transformative substance – it is a yearly call-to-arms to further acceptance and discussion on something that should be readily accessible and applied.

Let us know in the comments how we can help you discuss psilocybin, and how you celebrated your 9/20. Hit us up in the ‘Ask Psillow’ section if you have burning questions that need a thorough answer.

Happy 9/20!