Blue Goba & Champignons Magique / Penis Envy Mushroom have joined forces

by May 1, 2021

Blue Goba & the founders of Champignons Magique/PEM have made the decision to join forces to become THE Premier Psychedelic Provider in Canada

A recent email went out to Blue Goba and Penis Envy Mushrooms (formerly Champignons Magique) customers and followers. It is copied below verbatim.


If you are receiving this email, you are likely aware that Blue Goba has had several interruptions in service, due to website hosting issues, 3rd party order fulfillment issues, and payment processing issues, while Champignons Magique also encountered website hosting issues and made the decision to re-brand to PenisEnvyMushroom.

Regardless of these interruptions in service, both vendors were often sold out and struggled to keep up with demand, as we were (and still are) unwilling to compromise on product quality in order to raise output. Both BG and CM/PEM are honored by, and appreciative of the reputations we have cultivated for exceptional product quality and outstanding customer service, but we endeavour above all else to be able to bring the meaningful, transformative experiences that are often elicited by consuming psychedelics to even more Canadians, with unwavering consistency and unparalleled service.

That is why the founders of Blue Goba & the founders of Champignons Magique/PEM have made the decision to join forces to become THE Premier Psychedelic Provider in Canada.

We plan to continue operation of our current cultivation facilities, simultaneously outfit & operate a third new facility, but not compromise at all on the phenomenal products and service you have come to expect from both of us. We plan to offer all products from the current Blue Goba Website ( beginning on Sunday, April 18th. Please note that we have changed our payment email address to –

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long email. We hope that if you have been happy with our products/service so far, that you will continue to support us. We also sincerely hope that you continue to experience the physically, psychologically and spiritually beneficial effects that psychedelics can offer. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions about our products, our companies, this merger, what it means going forward, or just magic mushrooms in general! 

All the best,

Vincent & Jane – BG

Jeff – CM/PEM

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